How it works?

Purchase your sellers pack
  • Order your Sellers Pack online now and we’ll give you your unique code straight away. Your ad could be online in minutes!
  • We’ll send your in-car promotional material in the post
  • You can also buy a Seller’s Pack in selected high street and retail outlets
  • Full instructions in the Seller’s Pack make selling your car easy
Getting started
  • Full instructions in the Seller’s Pack make selling your car easy
  • Enter your unique code – you’ll have been given it when you ordered online or you’ll find it on the front cover of the instructions booklet in your Seller’s Pack
  • Follow the quick, easy steps to create your online and SMS adverts. The system will help you create the perfect advert in moments and you’ll be able to upload up to 16 images. You have full control of your advert and can update it any time
  • Use up to 160 SMS characters to get your car’s details to potential buyers fast (see 4, below)!
Display the material in your car
  • Inside your Seller’s Pack is: a visor display unit with price stickers and a range of high-visibility stickers to help your car get noticed
  • You must register (see 2, above) before you display the in-car promotional material, otherwise people won’t be able to find out details about your car
Potential buyers can access details of your car
  • Your in-car promotional material is your 24/7 silent salesman. It instructs buyers to text “SEEN” and your registration number to We text back information about your car, i.e. model, specification, history, mileage, price and contact details
  • There’s no faster way to put your car’s details in the hands of potential buyers!
Your dedicated sellers page
  • Buyers can enter your registration number online or perform a used car search to see your full advert
  • From setting the price to closing the deal and handing over documents, make selling your car easy with our Ultimate Selling Guide
The AutoCheck process
  • No one does more to help you sell your car. Your online advert will display a Basic AutoCheck report by Experian. This will give your car buyer confidence in you and in your car, making it easier for to sell faster.
  • AutoCheck will check your vehicle for the following:
  • This service is included at no extra cost

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