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Never get lost

Tom TomSat Navs have been helping drivers everywhere reach their destination quickly and safely for the last decade.
As well as helping you find your way, many modern Sat Navs also:
  • Give information about restaurants, petrol stations and other facilities on your route
  • Tell you about traffic problems on your route, and help you find a way round them, saving you time
  • Alert you to speed limits
  • Constantly update their maps so you always have the latest information
But which Sat Nav's right for you? Here's the guide to some of the latest features:

Advanced lane guidance: Accurate 3D representations of the trickiest junctions so you always end up in the right lane.

Emergency assistance: From hospitals to breakdowns, whatever the emergency this facility will put the details you need at your fingertips

Fluid touch screen: pinch, scroll and flick the screen with the latest in touch sensitivity. Zooming in and out and switching between modes has never been easier.

IQ routes: only available on TomTom Sat Navs, real time data from millions of journeys is collected and sifted to ensure that when you ask for the quickest available route, that's what you get.

Map share: Sat Navs don't always get it right. Map share lets you correct the occasional error and benefit from the thousands of users also doing their bit for the sake of accuracy - so you never hit a dead end.

Mobile speed camera warnings: real time alerts for mobile, as well as static, speed cameras, helping you steer clear of fines.

Spoken street names: keep your eyes on the road with spoken street names that help you navigate more accurately than ever.
These latest features mean there's never been a better time to upgrade or buy a Sat Nav.

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