Learners Guide

The DSA reckons on average it takes 30 hours of lessons to learn to drive. Don't worry if you go over this and don't feel ready for the test, everyone's

Do not set yourself unrealistic goals like having it finished in 15 lessons just because your mate did, he probably was out practising with his folks all the time or he lied and it took 40 lessons because he was so bad.

During your learning period and lesson try to focus on the good driving habits needed to pass your test, eg. When practising with your mum in the car don't start to cross your arms or cut any other corners for that matter, it will only ruin your preparation.

Your first lesson can be daunting so make sure you're picked up from home or somewhere quite i.e. Not school where your mates could start laughing at your lack of skills which can intern only make you panic and potentially go nowhere!

When driving with parents or friends who are helping you to learn try to remember all that the instructor has taught you as the comments your friends and family make about how to drive might be outdated and potentially wont help you pass the test.

One part of the driving test you should never fail is the theory test. £31.00 is not cheap and with the right preparation you should not fail. If you book the theory and panic you wont be
ready in time then call them to re-arrange to make sure you will be ready when you sit the exam. If you put the effort on learning and testing yourself you should have no problems in
passing your theory.

The hazard perception test can be tricky but computer test programs can be bought if you are not confident on this aspect, again like the theory, lots o practice and you should be fine.

Good Luck!

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