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How can I increase my car's value?

Forecourt dealers can charge more for their cars because they offer extra services such as warranties. And now, so can you.

Warranty Direct is the industry's leading provider of direct consumer warranties. has teamed up with Warranty Direct to help make your car sale more professional and appealing than ever.

Extending the warranty can help give your buyer the peace of mind of knowing the car is covered. And that could be all you need to reassure the buyer, add value to your sale and seal the deal.

If your car is just coming out of its manufacturer's warranty or, in many cases, if it's up to 10 years old, you could add a low cost warranty to your car to cover for everything from wear & tear and failure caused by non-insured parts to failures discovered during routine service and MOTs.

Offering a warranty on your car gives your sale added credibility, appeal and power. It allows you to offer the same levels of service and incentives usually only available to car dealerships and garages.
And it means your buyer can feel more secure and confident in buying from you.

We're committed to helping you sell. And we're committed to helping you sell more professionally.

Increase the value of your sale and put your buyer at ease. Add a warranty with Warranty Direct.

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