Documents and Handover

Protect yourself with the paperwork

The Receipt

A receipt created by the seller is the only document that will legally confirm the deal done between the buyer and the seller. It's vital both parties protect themselves by taking the time to make sure this part of the process is completed properly.

The seller's receipt must include the following:

  • Date and time the transaction took place
  • Seller's name, address and telephone number
  • Buyer's name, address and telephone number
  • Model, mileage, registration and chassis number of the car being sold
  • Price agreed for the car
  • Method of payment used
  • Deposit paid and the remaining balance if the car is being paid for in stages
  • Confirmation the vehicle is being sold on a 'sold as seen' basis. This means if there are mechanical faults after the sale, the seller is not responsible
  • Proof that the seller owns the car (to confirm it is theirs to sell)
  • Confirmation that the seller is handing over all legal rights to the car to the buyer
  • If there is no finance on the car, state it
  • Sign and print your full name at the bottom of the receipt and ask the buyer to do the same
  • Make a copy of the receipt. Give one to the buyer and keep one for your records

Complete the DVLA Form V5C

It is important that you fill in the V5C form in front of the buyer.
The buyer and the seller must sign the V5C.
  • One section needs the seller to sign and give the date they gave ownership of the vehicle to the buyer
  • The other section needs the buyer to sign to say they are the new owners
  • Give the top part of the V5C to the new owner 
  • The rest of the Form V5C must then be sent to the DVLA. Until the DVLA get the completed form, the seller is responsible for any penalties, so recommends that the seller take responsibility for sending the Form V5C to the DVLA on the same day it is filled in
For further information and advice please click on the link below:

Other Documents

  • If you have any other documents relating to the car you should give these to the buyer. For example:
  • Handbook and manuals
  • Service history book
  • MOT Certificate
  • Warranty agreement
  • Tracker agreement
  • Receipts for proof of maintenance work
Also, don't forget to hand over all other items relating to the car:
  • Spare keys
  • Alarm fobs and remotes
  • Wheel bolt keys
Finally, make sure you tell your insurance company that you no longer own the car.
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