Cutting Your Car Costs

Cut your car costs

Driving down the cost of your motoring isn't just good for your wallet; it's good for the environment too.
Here's's top five tips for saving money this year:

  1. Reduce the cost of your Car Tax
  2. Ask yourself: "Do I really need to use my car today?”
    Get in the habit of leaving the car at home at least once a week. Try walking, cycling, car sharing or using public transport. You could save money, be greener and feel fitter too
  3. Cut Fuel Costs
    • Unless you're planning a long journey, don't fill the petrol tank to the brim. It will take extra fuel to carry the weight around
    • Only use your air conditioning when you really need to
    • Be gentle with your acceleration and deceleration. Slowing down too fast means you'll have to accelerate harder to get back up to speed, which uses more fuel
    • Find the best price for fuel near your house. Supermarkets often have the best prices, so reduce the number of individual journeys you make by filling your car and your fridge in one trip

    For more on economical driving see Being Green.

  4. Look after your Car
  5. Keep your vehicle in good order. Check the oil, water and tyre pressure regularly to reduce the chances of a nasty surprise come MOT time.

  6. Reduce your car overheads
  7. Make sure you secure the best deal on your car finance and your insurance right from the outset. The difference over the life of a car loan could amount to hundreds of pounds. Check with our trusted partners, to ensure you've got the best deal.

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