Better photos = quicker sales

At we want you to sell your car fast. And that means you'll want to show it off at its best. So, before you take a photo, make sure your car's pristine, inside and out. See Preparing your car for more.

Remember, the purpose of your photos is to turn a browser into a buyer. Your ad gives you space for 16 photographs (8 of the inside; 8 of the outside) to help you do that. Here's how:

What you need

  • Use a digital camera that gives you at least 0.3 Mega Pixels (most modern mobile phones have an in-built camera with far more than this)
  • If you have one, use a polarizer to reduce glare and reflections


The car's the focus, so make sure there's nothing distracting in the photographs.

  • Pick a location that complements your car
  • Include a little background greenery
  • Make your car stand out
  • Clear away any litter or debris from around the car

  • Obstruct the view of the car
  • Include people or pets
  • Choose a background that's the same colour as your car
  • Choose a location that fails to show your car at its best (e.g. industrial estates, back streets, disused buildings)


Make sure the light (or shade) doesn't get in the way of your shot. Strong sunlight can create glare and unwelcome reflections. Strong shadow can make it difficult to pick out detail.

You'll get the best shots:

  • Early in the morning; or

  • Later in the afternoon; or

  • On a dull or overcast day

What to photograph

We've been busy taking the perfect set of shots to sell the Ford Focus below. Follow these examples to create an advert that looks great and sells:


  • Front seats - open a door to do this
  • Rear seats - open a door to do this
  • Console - take the photo from behind the front passenger seats
  • Dashboard instruments behind the steering wheel - do this with the engine on to show a genuine mileage and that there are no warning lights
  • Drivers side and floor pedals
  • Passenger side floor and cockpit/seats
  • The ceiling - to show how clean it is
  • The boot - to give an indication of space


  • Front three quarter
  • Head-on shot of the vehicle
  • Rear three quarter
  • Side profile
  • Alloy wheel shot
  • All doors open and boot lifted
  • Engine shot
  • Documents shot

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