Being Green

Being green pays

Buying a 'green' car won't just benefit the environment - it will help your pocket too. And even if the car you're buying isn't the most eco-friendly hybrid, can still help you save money by driving in a more economic, greener way.

Planning the trip

  • Ask yourself if you really need to use the car this trip. For very short journeys, particularly in rush hour, walking could get you there faster, save on CO2, and save money
  • If you can, aim to avoid congestion/rush hours. Your Sat Nav or radio could give you information about areas to avoid
  • Only take what you need - carrying extra weight wastes fuel. Do you know what's in your boot right now?
  • Roof racks and boxes cause drag. If you don't need them, remove them. You'll save energy and money

Whilst driving  

  • Drive steady - avoid sharp acceleration and braking. It can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%. It's safer too
  • Watch your speed - driving at 55mph rather than 65mph could reduce your fuel consumption by up to 15% (depending on make of car). Driving at 70mph uses 25% more fuel than at 50mph
  • Reducing your fuel consumption also reduces your CO2 emissions
  • Use your gears to slow down - braking wastes energy. When you can, anticipate stops and use your gears to slow down gradually
  • Switch the air con off - air conditioning uses up to 20% more fuel. Use it only when necessary
  • Close the windows - driving with the windows open increases drag and forces the car to use more energy
  • Don't idle - If you're not going to be moving for more than two minutes switch the engine off. It will cost you more to keep the engine running and means you're needlessly emitting CO2


  • Keep your car maintained - check the oil and tyre pressures, use clean fuels and get your car serviced regularly. You'll improve your car's efficiency, make it kinder on the environment and save on running costs
  • Take a driver training course. Learn how to drive more economically, reduce your car running costs and make your driving more environment-friendly. You'll find a course near you.
Test these tips out in your new car. We can't pretend you'll save the planet, but you will reduce emissions and save money.

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