Avoiding Car Theft

It's your car. Keep it that way

Car theft is at an all-time low. Immobilisers and alarms have improved to such an extent that it's now very difficult to steal a car - but it's not impossible, and stealing something from inside a car remains easy. Here's seenacar's guide to staying secure.

Parking during the daytime

  • Check your doors are locked and your windows are closed before you leave your vehicle
  • Take your keys with you
  • Take valuables with you, and if you can't, lock them in the glove box or stow them away out of sight

Parking at home

As for parking during the daytime, but also:
  • Leave your car in a locked garage overnight
  • If you have to park on a road, try and park in a well lit area

Deterring thieves

Steering locks and gear stick locks make it harder to steal a vehicle. They also make it look hard. The mere sight of one may prevent a thief from even trying


An alarm may not stop someone breaking into your vehicle, but it will make sure that's all they do

Avoid 'letterbox theft'

Latest figures show that 80% of all car theft happens with the owner's keys. Know where your keys are and keep them secure at all times. This applies particularly in the home. Keep your keys away from windows and letterboxes. That dish in the hall by the front door into which all your keys are placed? Move it. Would be thieves could fish your car (and other) keys out through the letterbox.  

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