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Stay safe - and avoid any nasty surprises

At we're committed to ensuring the car you buy is safe, and that your investment is protected. That's why we're the only site to AutoCheck every car for sale on our site

What we check...

Every car on our site carries the Experian AutoCheck logo on its detail page.

The Experian AutoCheck checks these vital areas. 
  • Imported
  • Exported
  • Stolen                
  • Accident Damage / Written-off               
  • Scrapped              
  • High Risk Alert
  • Previous Keepers
  • Number Plate Changes   

The check also reveals information such as:
  • Road Tax cost
  • Co2 Ratings
So you know the running costs before you buy.

What you need to check...

We help you buy with confidence - but please be aware that our check doesn't protect you against all areas of risk and is sure to be correct only at the time of listing.

That means that once you've seen a car you love you'll want to make further checks into your car's history to verify the details and protect yourself.

From as little as £19.99 AutoCheck by Experian will:

  • Perform 26 individual checks on your new car including VIN number, chassis number and a check to ensure your car isn't already subject to finance
  • Provide the results in seconds
  • Perform checks on 5 cars for just £24.99
  • Guarantee the results - and you'll have up to £30,000 of data guarantee cover if there's a mistake
That's an awful lot of peace of mind for far less than the cost of an average trip to the petrol station.

Seenacar? Protect yourself. Check it out with AutoCheck by Experian

We've made buying a car privately quicker and easier than ever before. And we don't want any nasty surprises to get in the way.
Find the car of your dreams with And protect yourself by checking its history with AutoCheck. Find a deal now.

What will my AutoCheck tell me?

Condition Data Check

AutoCheck will reveal if the car has been written-off by an insurance company in the past. This usually happens if a vehicle is stolen or following an accident when the insurer has decided that the vehicle is damaged beyond repair.

Categories of write-off:

Category A

The vehicle and all its parts should have been destroyed.

Category B

Spare parts may be salvaged, but the body shell should have been destroyed. The car should never return to the road.

Category C

An extensively damaged vehicle which the insurer has decided not to repair, but which could be repaired and returned to the road.

Category D

A damaged vehicle which the insurer has decided not to repair, but which could be repaired and returned to the road.

Category F

A vehicle damaged by fire, which the insurer has decided not to repair.

Vehicles categorised as A, B or C require a VIC test before the DVLA will issue a new registration document. This will then be noted on the V5C. See for more information on VIC testing.
If the car falls under any other category of write-off proceed with caution and ensure you have it inspected by a reputable agent like Dekra before agreeing to buy.


Unless recovered quickly, a stolen vehicle will be written-off by the insurance company and the owner will be recompensed. The insurance company then becomes the legal owner of the stolen car.

If the car is found, the insurance company has the right to retrieve the car, even if it has been bought innocently.

Your AutoCheck will reveal if the car has been stolen. 

Stolen Vehicle Database

The Police National Computer (PNC) is updated by the police each time a vehicle is reported stolen. If your AutoCheck reveals the car to be stolen we are obliged to tell the Police. Our Service Support Team will then contact you with any further information available.

Mileage Information

The mileage record is gathered from various sources. It is presented in date order and shows mileage, date and source.
You should check the mileage readings and dates with MOT certificates and service records to satisfy yourself that the sequence of mileages is acceptable.

AutoCheck will alert you to any mileage discrepancies. This could mean the vehicle's odometer has been tampered with to show less miles than the actual mileage. If necessary contact the previous keepers of the vehicle (shown on the V5C).

Import & Export

Information is received from the DVLA and DVLNI.

If a vehicle has been imported or exported for a part of its history, AutoCheck will not be able to provide information for this period. Check the vehicle documents carefully for more information and only proceed if there is a current V5C.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION carries out a vehicle history check on each vehicle advertised privately on our site. We display this information to assist both buyers and sellers during the negotiation process.  DO NOT rely on this check alone as results can be guaranteed only at the date of listing. If matters arise subsequently our listings won't show these.
We strongly recommend each car is individually checked by any potential buyer.


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